Dennis Martin Anderson Founder
The New England Country Music Club was born from an idea dating back to 1966. I  had
been playing the New England circuit for some time, and realized that there was a need for a club or organization, for the purpose of supporting and promoting local Country Music entertainers, musicians and bands in this area.

In the spring of 1967 I invited as many musicians as I could contact, asking anyone interested to meet at the Oxford Hotel, in Oxford, Massachusetts

During that first meeting I presented my idea to a group of fellow musicians who responded favorably. I had no experience in this area and suggested that Richard "Dick" Tomanini be elected as President, due to his knowledge and involvement with union meetings. My sugggestion was accepted and agreed upon. Because I chose not to act as President it was suggested that I accept the office of Vice President, which I did. Thus the first officers were elected as follows:

Executive Board
Richard T. Tomanini - President
Dennis Martin Anderson - Vice President
Marie F. Lacoste - Secretary
Richard F. Albin - Treasurer

Philip C. Morgan
Warren H. Weatherbee
Richard F. Crosby

Alternate Trustees
Ellsworth E. Knapp
Henry J. Amons

During the first order of business the name "New England Country Music Club" was accepted and voted on per my request. The by-laws were voted on and accepted during the following weekly meetings. Once the club was established it was decided to have monthly meetings, which continue to this day.

Although this club was originally intended to include only musicians, and or entertainers, it was voted to accept associate members due to the overwhelming response by others interested in the club.

In 1969 the Uxbridge VFW, Post 1385, became home to the New England Country Music Club, and maintains that relationship to this day.

This club has grown through the years resulting in many memorable occasions, for the most part, due to the leadership and truly commited members. The monthly Jamboree's, numerous benifits, as well as the fellowship leaves no doubt this was a great idea! I am very proud to boast that, that idea was mine!

I consider the New England Country Music Club my most proudest accomplishment to Country Music!

Dennis Martin Anderson

Club History